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My heart is so full that you are here. That you want to get to know me. 

I grew up in Poland in a family of artists. 

Since I remember my home smelled like oil paint and turpentine.

My mom's fingers were covered in pain, walls filled with her paintings. I went with her to museums,  art gallery openings. 

My dad was a sailor when I was growing up. On his long, sometimes taking months trips he worked with wood. He could make anything you could imagine. From wooden replicas of famous ships to custom furniture.  Appreciation for art and creativity is in my bones. 


Life was so different back then in communistic Poland and childhood memories can be fuzzy. But my parents had a Russian film camera Zenit and they documented so many beautiful memories. 

It amazes me how much more I feel connected to my childhood, the place I grows up and so different reality when I look back at those photos. 


It was fun playing with the camera when I was a teenager. Taking photos of my friends and their small siblings. 


As my life and education took me to a different route and eventually moved to US. Love for photos never died. Photographing people fascinated me. And that’s how I started my business doing what I absolutely love….


….and then I started a family and begin my journey in motherhood.

That added a new element to my photography. Personal connection with the idea of passing moments of this precious time that we have with our kids when they are little. Before they grow up and slowly drift away to be separate from us. 

Motherhood is the most amazing, hard, and magical experience in my life.

I want to remember every moment, be in it for just a little longer.

But time passes and all we have left are memories. And they fade away. 

I loved to be present with my kids and watch and capture them through my lease. That moment is not so meaningful when is happening. But next week, next month, few years down the road this picture takes me back to the moment.

To the small toes, small ears, to the first house where my kids came from the hospital. Giggles, first the chubby knees and all the roles and running photos - because you are 2 and on the move.  

So many beautiful moments were captured, and the only regret I had is that I wasn't in so many photos from those first years. I realized that quickly and incorporate self-portraits

That's why my focus is on moms and capturing motherhood. 

Capturing family love and connection 

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